ASTC Management Commitment to Quality, Health and Safety, Environment, In country value, Omanisation is an Integral part of our approach to doing business.

As a ASTC company wide policy we take full responsibility and committed providing the platform to ensure all employees and stakeholders are aligned to our QHSE being core value,and that they are engaged in, and empowered by our safety program.

Our positive safety culture is supported by our safety frameworks that secures the participation and engagement of our workforce,ensures expectations and accountabilities are clearly defined and that we treat all fairly and equitably.

ASTC Safety Culture Program consists of the following elements:

  • 1.Senior Management Site Inspection Plan
  • 2.Supervisor Training Program
  • 3.Positive Performance Safety Indicator
  • 4.Reward and Recognition Program


Everything that we do, we strive to do to the best of our abilities. At ASTC we always try to walk away from a finished job proud of the product and knowing the quality of the work that we have provided is surpassed by none. We expect nothing less from our quality staff.


  • Site Safe certified staff
  • Confined space
  • Approved contractors
  • Quality Association
  • ISO Certification

Health and Safety – Award Winner

At ASTC we embrace the target of a zero-incident workplace. For our safety practice, we won award from our project clients.

  • Safety Monitoring at Site
  • Scaffolding is securely installed
  • Properly train all our workforce on training
  • Equip team with right PPE


At ASTC we are continually looking for ways looking for ways to improve our carbon footprint without compromising the quality of work. We maintain our equipment and ensure optimal performance. Materials and consumables are disposed of sustainably.

We encourage our workforce to come forward with environmental improvement that could be made, and we encourage our clients to do the same.

In country value

In support of Oman Government ICV objectives, national sourcing of goods and services take a priority at ASTC by maximizing procurement of goods manufactured in Oman and services provided by Omani companies. AT ASTC there are more than XYZ approved local Omani suppliers of which there are substantial number of small and medium size enterprises.



ASTC has consistently managed to increase the employment of Omani nationals at different levels in the organisation. Some of the most critical and senior roles at ASTC has been occupied by our Omani staff.

ASTC will continue to support Omanisation in the way of training and development, recruitment of Oman Staff and continue to motivate the Omani staff to take up senior and critical positions. At ASTC we are fully committed to support Omanisation.

Our Safety Program

Provides Leadership

Eliminates Injury & Damage

Ensures Safe & Healthful Work Practices

Conducts Weekly Toolbox Talks

Assures Training

Complies with Oman Safety Requirements

We build better to last longer